Coffee Banana Smoothie

Rich, chocolaty and frothy, this Coffee Banana Smoothie makes a perfect breakfast or afternoon treat. 

Coffee Banana Smoothie

This is officially my favorite smoothie! The combination of coffee, banana, almond butter, milk and cocoa is just sinfully delicious. I love the beautiful foam that forms on the top—it is so tasty and refreshing! I have a feeling you’ll get addicted to this Coffee Banana Smoothie just like I did, so don’t lose any more time and try it for yourself!

I use frozen coffee ice cubes in this recipe, which helps create that beautiful foam I mentioned above and reduces the morning fuss around making the smoothie. All you’ll need to do is just throw the ingredients in the blender, peel a banana, and you are good to go!  It is really easy to make coffee ice cubes as well. You’ll just need to brew some regular (or strong, if you prefer) coffee, pour it into the ice cube tray, and freeze for 2 hours or overnight.

And just to make things even better, I found the best coffee match for this smoothie: it is Dunkin’ Donuts® Bakery Series® Chocolate Glazed Donut ground coffee! It tastes and smells chocolaty, and it really brings all the flavors together in this smoothie. You can find it where you usually buy your groceries. This flavor also comes in K-cups, so don’t miss out Keurig coffee lovers! A word of warning: the chocolaty-coffee aroma will fill the whole apartment, so it may attract some family members for sampling. You may need to make some extra. ??

I usually use almond butter and almond milk to prepare this smoothie, but you may choose to try it with peanut butter or use regular milk instead. If you like things on a sweeter side, you may add a tablespoon of honey or agave nectar. As you can see, it is a very simple and versatile recipe, so let’s start making it!


  • 1 cup regular brewed coffee I use Dunkin’ Donuts® Bakery Series® Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee
  • 1 large banana
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 1 cup almond or regular milk
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp honey (optional)


  1. Pour the coffee into ice cube tray and freeze for 2 hours or overnight.
  2. Place the frozen coffee ice cubes and the rest of the ingredients into the blender. Pulse until smooth and frothy.

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